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Veronica Henry explains why she loves Devon in the Autumn

Friday 25th September 2015


As the days start to shorten and the sun lies lower in the sky, visitors start to drift away from the hotspots of North Devon and leave those of us who live there time and space to enjoy its splendours in relative peace.

An autumn breeze whips up as the leaves turn gold, but very often the sun shines on throughout September and October, making picnics and barbecues and sneaky swims a pure pleasure, even if a judicious cardigan or hoody might be needed.

Now the roads across the moor are less crowded with caravans, we venture out on a family outing to Landacre Bridge or Tarr Steps for a literally breath-taking dip. If we feel more intrepid, we head to Pinkery Pond in the early morning, where an eerie mist hovers over the water, making us feel as if we are in a world inhabited by elves and wizards...


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